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The UA-767FAM blood pressure monitor has the core features users have come to know, such as clinically validated accuracy and irregular heartbeat (IHB) detection, with the UA-767 line. It additionally features a capacity for up to four users to use the monitor while storing up to 60 results for each user. The AccuFit Plus cuff system that provides a customizable cuff size for users that needs whether the width of medium or large cuff. The cuff also features a flexible inflation technology to provide a more comfortable inflation.

The performance of the UA-767FAM is driven by:

Advanced measuring & reporting capabilities:
Family-friendly for sharing data
Stores 60 results each with time and date stamp for up to four users
Easy retrieval of your results to provide reporting to your physician
Clinically validated
Utilizes accuracy that is clinically validated by the latest protocol from the European Society of Hypertension
Risk factor indicators:
Pressure rating indicator gives a snapshot of your BP classification in accordance with US JNC7 guidelines
IHB detection alerts the user to the presence of an irregular heartbeat risk
Advanced cu? system:
AccuFit Plus cu? is designed to fit the width of most people’s arm with 8.6"e; – 16.5"e; (22 – 42cm) circumference range
Gentle inflation minimizes the likelihood of re-inflation with a flexible inflation technology
Cuff wrap error indicates the cuff is not properly wrapped to ensure users get accurate results

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