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Prevent the uncomfortable symptoms of lactose intolerance with Lactaid Extra Strength Tablets.

Enjoy dairy products again with Lactaid Fast Act Caplets. Designed for those who are lactose intolerant each caplet contains 4500 Food Chemical Codex Lactase Units (FCCLU). This natural-source lactase enzyme breaks down the lactose in milk into two simple sugars making milk and other dairy products more digestible for those who have difficulty digesting lactose. Swallowing or chewing Lactaid Fast Act Caplets just before consuming dairy products can help prevent gas bloating and diarrhea.

Start with 1 caplet. If needed adjust dosage to 2 caplets. 2 Lactaid Fast Act Caplets at any one time should prevent symptoms caused by lactose intolerance. If symptoms persist or worsen discontinue use and talk to a doctor.

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