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Drixoral No Drip Original Nasal Decongestant

15 mL
SKU 110823
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Drixoral NO DRIP Original nasal spray is fast, effective way to temporarily relieve your nasal congestion and sinus pressure due to a cold, hay fever or other upper respiratory allergies.

• Unscented
• Proven to provide up to 12 Hours Performance
• Unique No Drip MicrofixTM technology: Won’t drip from nose or down throat.
• Helps keep medicine at the site of congestion for targeted relief.

Medicinal Ingredient:
Oxymetazoline Hydrochloride Nasal Solution USP, 0.05%

Non-Medicinal Ingredients: (alphabetical order):
Benzalkonium chloride solution, benzyl alcohol, edetate disodium, lemon flavor, microcrystalline cellulose and carboxymethylcellulose sodium, polyethylene glycol, povidone, purified water, sodium phosphate dibasic anhydrous, sodium phosphate monobasic monohydrate.

Use only as directed. Do not exceed recommended dosage. Individuals with high blood pressure, heart or thyroid disease, diabetes or difficulty in urination due to enlargement of the prostate gland should not use unless directed by a physician. If you are pregnant or nursing, seek the advice of a physician before using this product. This product may cause temporary discomfort such as burning, stinging, sneezing, or an increase in nasal discharge. Do not use for more than 3 consecutive days or nasal congestion may recur or worsen. If symptoms persist, consult a doctor. The use of this container by more than one person may spread infection.

Adults and children age 12 and over: Apply 2 or 3 sprays in each nostril twice a day, every 12 hours. Do not exceed 2 doses in a 24 hour period. Do not use for more than 3 consecutive days.
Shake well before use. Before using the first time, remove protective cap from the tip and prime metered pump by depressing firmly several times. To spray, hold bottle with thumb at base and nozzle between first and second fingers. Without tilting head, insert nozzle into nostril. Fully depress rim with a firm, even stroke and sniff deeply. Wipe nozzle clean after use.

Children under age 12: Consult a physician.

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