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Boston Rewetting Drops enhances lens wettability to reduce friction against the cornea. It also helps remove debris that may cause irritation, discomfort and blurring during lens wear. For Fluorosilicone Acrylate and Silicone Acrylate Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

Boston Rewetting Drops is a sterile, aqueous, buffered,
slightly hypertonic solution containing hydroxyethyl
cellulose, polyvinyl alcohol, and a cationic cellulose
derivative polymer; preserved with chlorhexidine gluconate
(0.006%), and edetate disodium (0.05%).

1. Use while contact lenses are on the eyes.
2. Instill one to three (3) drops into each eye
as needed or as directed by your eye care professional.
3. Discard solution ninety (90) days after opening. Record
date opened in space provided on bottle label.
Note: When used daily this solution will be depleted
before ninety (90) days.

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